Shameful Nuisance

We're working to make Chapel Hill and Carrboro more vibrant, accessible, fun, and sustainable. 


Where we are now: A daily group blog covering civics and news in Chapel Hill and Carrboro that reaches thousands of people across our region.

Reckoning with our past: A crowdsourced project researching and reporting out the history of Chapel Hill's exclusionary covenants.

A hopeful future: A campaign to support progressive candidates and politics that expand equitable access to housing, green space, and economic opportunity in Chapel Hill.

Why are you called Shameful Nuisance?

Working to change a community to make it more inclusive and accessible is hard and there will always be people who fight against these changes. One of our most vocal detractors called us a "shameful nuisance" on social media, and we thought the name fit us: We know this work makes people uncomfortable, and that won't stop us from pushing forward and advocating for a more inclusive, kind and sustainable community. Shameful nuisance, to us, means causing the good trouble that pushes Chapel Hill and Carrboro forward.

Who is on your board?

Five people serve on the Shameful Nuisance board of directors. They are:

Geoff Green, Chapel Hill

Martin Johnson, Chapel Hill

Melody Kramer, Carrboro

John Rees, Chapel Hill

Stephen Whitlow, Chapel Hill

Why do you protect the privacy of your donors?

We are a 501(c)4.

Earlier this year, our board was doxxed on NextDoor -- our addresses were posted, along with our names. You can read more about the incident here. It was an invitation to harass us.

Many of our donors are graduate students and faculty at the earliest stages of their career. Doing this work in a college town where many people work at the same institution is hard. We keep our donors private to protect them and to ensure that they are not harassed. 

What we can tell you is this: our average donation is $44.03. All of our donors live in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. And we maintain a strict firewall between the people handling our finances and the rest of Shameful Nuisance. (We can't tell you who donated or how much because we don't know ourselves.)

We appreciate you contributing so that we can continue to expand these efforts to make our community more inclusive and vibrant.